Information About Kevin E. Flynn 

LinkedIn The LinkedIn page for Kevin E. Flynn is provided below.
Martindale The search site for searching for lawyers was introduced above. displays the information compiled by Martindale-Hubbell. The specific page for Kevin E. Flynn may be reached by the following link.


Ratings Methodology

As Martindale-Hubbell has given Kevin E. Flynn its highest rating of AV based on a peer review by other attorneys, it may be of interest to see what the methodology is for the rating process.
Samples of Issued Patents The home page of the FLYNN IP LAW web site provides quick links to a few examples of recent work by Kevin E. Flynn. A broader sample of his patent work may be found via the provided link.
Slide Sets and Papers A subset of PowerPoint presentations by Kevin E. Flynn on topics such as Protecting Your Competitive Advantages with intellectual property or an introduction to patent searching for entrepreneurs can be found at Many of these documents may be accessed from my LinkedIn page listed above. NOTE – the laws change over time. Old slide sets may not. So use the slide sets to become acquainted with topics but check with a patent attorney before making any decisions.