As a patent attorney, I am privy to details of unannounced products. We work to obtain limited monopolies for companies to keep their competitors at bay. Therefore, it is really important that you do NOT reveal proprietary information to me until I have confirmed that no one in my firm is working to obtain patents for a direct competitor of your company.

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Please note, that in addition to NOT sharing proprietary information your email should NOT contain any other confidential material and you should NOT rely on the attorney-client relationship unless and until we formally establish an attorney-client relationship.

Subject: Inquiry from FLYNN IP LAW web site.

This is an initial email sent before establishing an attorney-client relationship and will not contain anything that I consider proprietary or confidential. I acknowledge that it is possible that FLYNN IP LAW already works for a company doing work with the same type of good or service as I hope to ask FLYNN IP LAW about.

For purposes of doing a technology conflict check, the type of good or service that is relevant to my question is:

This should be a very high level topic description without any information you wish to keep secret.
Examples of high level description of good or service that do not share any proprietary information:
  • A process to fuse portions of the spine.
  • Equipment to send information by powerline carrier to monitor transformers.
  • A device that can make surgical slush.
  • A way to hang a football on the wall.
  • A type of concrete that absorbs bullets in training facilities.
  • A way to drill a bore hole in a jaw for use with a prosthetic tooth.
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