Outside-US Patents

Patents – Beyond the US

A patent is effective in the country that granted it. Thus, a United States patent is effective against others that make, use, sell, or offer to sell a product or service in the United States. A United States patent can be used to prevent the import of infringing items into the United States. To prevent others from making, using, selling, or offering a product in another country, one needs a patent in that country.

While FLYNN IP LAW is not licensed to seek patent protection outside of the United States, FLYNN IP LAW routinely works with law firms located outside of the United States in order to obtain patent protection for clients. Likewise, FLYNN IP LAW helps law firms located in other countries to secure United States patent rights for companies located in other parts of the world. The rules of patent systems around the world are different so it is important to use the knowledge of the local professionals while retaining some level of consistency among patent claim sets issued around the world.

See also – Patent Cooperation Treaty Applications for information on how FLYNN IP LAW can help with PCT applications to delay the deadline to enter into patent systems beyond the US.